British motorcyclist dies after Brazilian horror smash

His insurance policy provider used a get out clause to deny him potentially life saving treatment

A BRITISH motorcyclist seriously injured in a head-on crash in Brazil has died after his insurance provider used a get out clause to deny him potentially life saving treatment.

Former Navy Seaman Christopher Peck was hit by a drunk driver overtaking a truck just two weeks into his dream four-month motorcycle trip through South America.  

Peck, from Workington, Cumbria, had his lower left leg amputated at the scene near to the Bolivian border. He also suffered broken ribs, a fractured pelvis, a fractured femur and swelling on the brain and a result of his extensive injuries was put into an induced coma and on dialysis. He later had another operation to remove the rest of his left leg, but by Monday was suffering from a general infection.

Peck required urgent treatment at a better-equipped hospital, which doctors say would have seriously improved his chances of surviving, however none of his three insurance policy providers would foot the bill.

His family are now considering legal action against World Nomads, which had sold him an adventure policy claiming to cover motorcycles.

However, hidden in the small print was a clause stating that Peck was only covered for motorcycles up to 125cc, of which his bike exceeded.

Two JustGiving pages were set up by his family to pay for his transfer to another hospital in Brazil, but he died in hospital yesterday, Wednesday 2 May.


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Its a disgrace. Insurance companies are restricting benefits more and more while premiums and profits are soaring. Its about time that regulations are implemented to ensure that the Companies cant renege in situations like this. The UK is turning into a mini USA

It's by no means right... but if it was there in the contract, it's the agreement.
Name and shame the insurance company to increase awareness.

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All well and good saying "its in the contract" but it should not be permitted. Small print runs on for many pages and even those who read it all still may miss parts due to language used or hiding the devil in the detail. Limiting a motorcycle adventure travel policy to 125 cc is obtuse - only 1 in 100 people will try to use such a small bike for adventure travel and the insurance company know it. This case should never have got to this point, however it has so I fully agree with name and shame - this should be spread far and wide and this Company should rapidly disappear.

I read my travel insurance to find it was not covered for 'extreme sports'. I asked for the definition... Off-road riding, mountain biking and anything other than using a small scooter for transport were excluded. Better clarity is needed, but until then it is for the end user to read and ask questions... Sad, but the current state of things. Buyer beware.

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"World Nomads", you say?

I'll have to keep that name in mind the next time I go shopping for travel insurance.... but not in a good way.

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Gutted for him. Donated some cash the day before. Hope goes toward something (whatever the family choose) worthwhile.

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