Bike Shed London Motorcycle Show - this weekend!

Cracking custom show from the Bike Shed folks kicks off this Friday in Wapping, London

Bike Shed London Motorcycle Show - this weekend!

We spoke about the 2018 Bike Shed Motorcycle Show a while back, so we imagine you've already bought your tickets and waxed your beard. And her beard too. But even the cleanest-chinned amongst us will find something cool and saucy at the Bike Shed show.

We were a bit cynical about it a few years back before we popped along, and found a real mix of stuff to look at it. Now, not everything there will be for everyone. But then that would be a pretty dull show when it comes down to it. For us back in 2016, the 125cc flat trackers and tattoos were a bit 'meh' - but the one-off handbuilt titanium exhaust on the Bandit-engined CB900 superbike was incredible. As was the turbo Z1000 with Spondon swingarm. The food and drink was ace, and everyone there looked to be properly into what was happening, and having a ball.

The show's grown a lot over the past few years, and there's factory backing now, from Triumph, Indian, Royal Enfield, Honda, Yamaha, CCM, Ducati, BMW - basically, almost everyone. Dainese is a main sponsor, and they're bringing along Giacomo Agostini as special guest on Saturday. So pop along and try telling him it's all about brown leather seats, no mudguards, and knobbly tyred-CX500s...

What we're saying then, is if you're able to get along to the show at Tobacco Dock, Wapping, this weekend, and fancy something a bit different, we reckon this is more than worth your while. Look at cool, unusual, interesting bikes, eat nice grub, have a proper cup of coffee or a premium light ale, and grab a selfie with a multiple world champion. What could be better than that?

We'll be at the show on Friday night, and will report back on all the goodness by Saturday morning at the latest. So if you're swithering, check back here then to see what the scoop is. In the meantime, check out all the facts here: