Bennetts reveal Britain’s ‘average biker’

Britain's typical motorcyclist is a middle-class, professional, family man that rides a Honda

BENNETTS - the UK’s number one for bike insurance - has revealed the profile of the ‘average biker’ in 21st Century Britain, is a seemingly upstanding, 40-something middle-class citizen who is a married, professional, family man.

The study reveals 50% of the British bikers questioned having a tattoo and a third sporting a beard. Only 7% sport either long hair or a pony tail. Nearly 60% of those surveyed hold down a professional senior/management job, taking home an average wage of £30,000 a year, up 25% on the national average of £24,000.

The average biker rides a Honda and manages just 7,500 miles a year, with 80% of bikers surveyed owning a car as well as a motorbike. Biking seems to still be very much associated with a mid-life crisis as the average biker has only been riding for two years, despite his age.

Questionnaire Results

Sex: Male (96.8%)

Age: 41- 50 (31.6%)

Hair Colour: Brown (66.2%)

Glasses: No (62.3%)

Additional features: Tattoos (53.3%) and Beard (32.6%)

Height: 6ft (33.3%)

Occupation: Professional (29.0%)

Motorbike: Honda (30.1%)

How often do you ride: Twice a week (42.8%)

Do you use the bike to commute to work: Yes (54.9%)

Average annual mileage: 5,001 – 10,000 (43.0%)

Favourite genre of music: Rock/Heavy Metal (48.8%)

How long have you been riding: 1-3 years (22.9%)

How many motorbikes have you owned: 6 (47.9%)

Do you own a car: Yes (80.0%)

Favourite sport: Superbikes (52.8%)

Annual income: £20,000 – 39,999 (44.4%)