Bad vibrations | Apple warns bikers iPhone could damage if fixed to motorcycle

Vibrations from a motorcycle could damage the image balancing software in an iPhone as Apple warns bikers not to fix the device to motorcycles

iPhone on a motorcycle

It’s frankly amazing what you can do with a smartphone these days… get to where you need to go accurately, get a dinner/groceries/one night stand right to your door and play Candy Crush (if it’s 2018). Oh, and make phone calls.

In short, if that little, glass-covered pocket oracle were to break then, well we’d have to employ some intuition and resourcefulness. Panic! 

Without delving into the existential crises of our reliance on device in this modern age, regardless of how crucial or not your phone is to your being (shout out to those rocking the Nokia 3310!), you wouldn’t expect it to be shaken to death by your other pride and joy.

Well, that is precisely the risk you might be taking if you happen to attach your Apple iPhone to your motorcycle.

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That’s right, Apple has introduced a note of warning to owners of motorcycles, urging you not to fix the iPhone to the bike while riding because vibrations will destabilise the gyros inside the camera. Basically, the camera won’t be able to balance itself when you’re taking drunken selfies with a wobbly hand.

It affects models with OIS (optimal image stabilisation) and AF (auto-focus… not as f**k), which means it effects every iPhone from the 6, though not the ultra-wide camera angled iPhone 11.

In Apple’s defence, phones shouldn’t be exposed to high amplitude vibrations for reasons that make common sense, but it’s still an irking frustration for those that may well rely on their phone for the mapping functions. 

The solution would appear to be researching hard(ware) for a holder that can help minimise vibration through the bike, or keeping it tucked away in your pocket or bag. Or just heading out without it. Or buy a Samsung…