67th Sturgis Annual Rally is almost go!

Only 4 days til Sturgis hogfest

Thinking of getting hitched? Get to Sturgis!

The 67th Annual Sturgis Rally gets underway on 6th August 2007 in the US of A. The week-long biking extravaganza is one of the largest custom motorcycle events in the world, attracting over 35,000 bike fans from a variety of countries. It's an event unlike any other.

To put things into perspective, there are more Harley Davidson motorcycles converged at Sturgis than anywhere else on the planet, ridden by people ranging from priests to porn stars.

Although the Rally's primarily a mecca for Harley and custom-built bike fans anyone into motorcycles should find Sturgis an eye-opening event. Most of the action takes place in downtown Sturgis, with huge parades happening up and down Main St. There's usually a variety of machines on display, many of them wild and whacky customs built to a stunningly high standard. What's more, scantily clad women are everywhere you look. It's like a British bike meet but with fab weather and loads of fit birds.

There's entertainment all week, with big names like Sammy Hagar, Foreigner, Ted Nugent and some bloke called Jonny Lunchmeat. Naturally there are wet T-shirt competitions and if you've totally lost the plot you can even get married - but sadly not to the wet T-shirt competition winner. For those looking to see the sights, there are regular rides through the Black Hills, which, I'm assured, offer some equally stunning scenery.

In true American style, there are loads of fines waiting to be dished out should you start misbehaving. We've listed some below (and some tasty pics) for your amusement. Enjoy!

Sturgis law enforcement fines:

Deposit of Filth - $86.00

Dog Running at Large - $56.00

Indecent Exposure - $111.00

Furnish Alcohol to Minor - Court Appearance Req

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - $244.00

You'll see plenty of this

And you'll see loads of these

And you're bound to see some of this

And you might take part in this

If you're lucky you'll see a few of these

And you might spot a couple of those

And if you've overdone it you'll probably be seeing this