2021 is the year to bag your own Britten V1000!!!!

Britten is launching a new motorcycle again, although you better have nimble fingers, as this one is a 1:12 scale kit of the Britten V1000

Britten V1000

ONE of the most iconic motorcycles ever made is being re-released in the form of the Britten V1000.

The self-build 1:12 scale kit was originally sold ten years ago and had a price tag of around $300. Such was the success and appeal of the kit though, some examples have sold online more recently for nearly $1,000. With that in mind, it’s hard to imagine this 2021 edition being sold for such a low price.

The second generation of the kit is said to be of a much higher level of detail than the first kit, with genuine metal parts and photo-etched resin making up the bulk of the parts. Britten is claiming that this model will provide the highest level of detail of the bike in model form.

The new kit will be the iconic pink and blue as well as the yellow and black CR&S livery. Alongside that, the model also following the design updates of the genuine bike as it when from the first to the second generation.

Bitten has also advised that the re-run will include a special collectors edition of the model, strictly limited to just ten numbered units. Each bike will be officially paired to one of the ten final edition Britten V1000s that were built in real life. With each of those models a certificate of authenticity, acknowledging the model’s link to a genuine racing icon.

The actual pricing for the model is TBC, although given the success of the first model, with motorcycle fans and model enthusiasts alike, it’s likely not to be cheap.

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