1,000 ULEZ charges refunded due to camera installed in wrong place

Almost 1,000 motorists have been issued refunds after they were automatically charged by an incorrectly installed ULEZ camera

ULEZ Low Emissions Zone

The ULEZ is not the most popular political creation in the UK’s history, and straightforward implementation errors have only increased the frustration with the system.

Since the announcement of the plans to expand the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) to cover all London boroughs was made last year, those in opposition have claimed it to be exploitative and a way of pricing people out of being able to live and work in London.

Since the ULEZ expansion was realised at the end of August earlier this year, there have also been a few occurrences of straightforward mistakes made in the implementation of the cameras which allow the enforcement of the Zone’s rules.

For example, on the first day of the expansion, the Transport for London (TfL) website crashed due to its servers being unable to handle the amount of traffic it was inviting as the place people had to visit to register their motorcycle or car and check it against the ULEZ’s emission standards.

Additionally, there have been reports of cameras being damaged or removed by disgruntled residents. But, the latest controversy of the ULEZ is about the installation of the cameras - or one camera in particular.

The RAC reports that 927 motorists were incorrectly given charges by the automatic ULEZ payment system for travelling through Harrow’s Old Redding Junction, despite that being outside the ULEZ. 

The charges were made due to the camera being installed in an incorrect position. Since the realisation was made about the error, the camera has been turned off.

Refunds totalling £11,000 have now been issued to the affected motorists.