£120k Ducati 1299 Superleggera special on show

We're still downloading the good stuff from Tokyo

MotoCorse 1299 SLC special

Al's just about stopped waking up at 3.30am screaming about Toto Washlets and Pocari Sweat. And he's almost got to the end of the CF card on his EOS 1DX. The nuggets of gold are still appearing from the Tokyo show though – like this £120,000 tricked-up Ducati 1299 Superleggera from aftermarket firm MotoCorse.

To be honest, since the stock Superleggera is so posh to start with, they must have had a bit of a head scratch on what to trick up. The stock bike comes with an unspeakably posh carbon frame and swingarm, as well as BST carbon rims, TTX36 Öhlins shock with titanium spring, lithium battery etc etc.

About all MotoCorse could do was bolt on some full-WSB spec Öhlins FGR300 gas forks and GP-style Sicom carbon-ceramic brake discs and pads, with nickel-plated superbike Brembo calipers. So that's what they did – adding roughly another £25k to the cost, and making probably the trickest 1299 out there.

Power and weight are close to stock - 215bhp and 156kg.

The Panigale V4 is the new kid on the block now of course – but for us, the old V-twin still has a lot going for it…

Motocorse are based in San Marino. Check them out at www.motocorsestore.com