Father denies son motorcycle, ends up dead

Some things aren't worth fighting for. Others are but this isn't one of them

A MAN has been killed in Ballia, India, after a dispute with his son over a motorcycle.

Reports state that Shivanand Giri, 62, was killed by his eldest son Anil, 30.

Shivvanand lived in Khaira Nifki village with his family. His son, Anil, who worked in a city had come home for the weekend to see his family. Anil asked his father for the keys to his father's motorcycle but when his father refused, a row broke out between the two men.

Anil started damaging the motorcycle wth a brick but when his father intervened, Anil hit him on the head with the brick, killing him outright.

Anil fled the scene and is now the subject of a manhunt by local police.