Dispute over loud motorcycle proves fatal

Think about this the next time your neighbour peels back the bedroom curtains when you fire up your bike on a Sunday morning

AN ARGUMENT between two neighbours over a loud motorcycle turned deadly in Pasadena, Texas on Wednesday.

One of the men involved, Chris McLain, confronted his neighbour after getting tired of him riding his loud custom motorcycle across his front lawn when he came home from work at around 4.30am each morning.

Things turned nasty when McLain's motorcycle riding neighbour stabbed him. McLain responded by choking his motorcycle-riding neighbour to death.

Police have yet to release the name of the dead motorcycle rider, saying only that he was in his mid thirties. Police were called to the scene and McLain was rushed to Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute by helicopter, where he was listed in critical condition and treated for multiple stab wounds.

Crime scene investigators spent hours photographing the victim, along with the tire tracks that led up to the fight just a few feet from his dead body.

McLain's father said his son had no choice but to defend himself.