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Top 10 unlikely future classic motorcycles

What oddball motorcycles could be collectable in the years to come?

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 20/12/2017 - 14:24

Top 10 unlikely future classic motorcycles


LOOK at the pantheon of classic bikes and it’s clear that while some are obvious classics from day one, a lot are slow burners that were either unloved when new or went through a long period of simply being clapped-out hacks before they were recognised as collectable.

And when it comes to picking future classics, the same applies. Some are obvious. Stick a Ducati Desmosedici RR into a climate-controlled garage for long enough and you’ll be able to drone on about it at tiresome length at classic bikes shows in decades to come. The same applies to first-generation Fireblades, R1s or ZX-10Rs. They were desirable when new, and when a generation who had them on bedroom wall posters becomes affluent enough to fight over the best survivors, those examples will rocket in price.

But what about the second category? These days, even Bimota Mantras are being classed as classic in some circles, and things like mid-80s turbo bikes – considered pretty rubbish when they were new and slow-selling enough to ensure a short lifespan – are expensive collectables.

Here’s our finger-in-the-wind guess at 10 bikes that might just become unlikely classics in the future.

10: Honda Grom/MSX125 (main image)

Honda’s MSX125 – or Grom, to use the American-market title that’s widely used here as well – has proved a surprise hit for the firm. Few expected this Monkey bike redux to grab the imagination of the hipster class, but it’s done just that and there’s no doubt that in future, ageing millennials wanting to relive their youth will be scrabbling to buy and restore the ever-dwindling supply of surviving examples.

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