There has been a huge influx of interest in recent years in large customer cruiser bikes. Originally it was a domain dominated by the might of Harley Davidson but it wasn't long before the main-stream, Japanese bike manufacturers came to the party and offered a selection of bikes which not only looked stylish, but were reliable and handled too.

 Nothing at all like the HD brand the Suzuki M1800R Intruder is a large and grunty machine that has character and soul and delivers power in bundles from its colossal 118ftlb of torque through its massive cylinder bores, which are the biggest on any current production bike... 112mm. 123 break horse power still returns a healthy 40+ MPG. It has a low seat at only 705mm.

This beauty was only registered in March 2013 and only covered 8800 miles in that time. With such a small amount of use, you'd imagine the condition to be good and you won't be disappointed. It could easily be passed off as a far newer machine, in-fact, the volume of extras fitted class it at a lot higher level than new.

It has a set of chrome pannier stays with a pair of leather pannier cases fixed to them. These panniers are by 'Klic-Bag', a brand that specialise in quick-release luggage for custom bikes. They offer the maximum carrying capacity and ease of use while remaining in keeping with the style of a real custom bike.

As well as having a factory colour-coded pillion single-seat converter cowl, it comes with the original passenger seat to go with it. The standard set of exhaust pipes have been swapped out for a lovely pair of throaty Cobra pipes. These not only look the part, but give the bike an awesome throaty note to go with it. We also have the original ones to boot. In addition it has a pair of chromed engine bars and the all-import

If you've been looking for one of these, you'll struggle to find a nicer example anywhere. Come and take a look for yourself or give us a call on 020 8655 6205 if you have any questions about it or the potential for a trade in.

(Subject to a £99.00 vehicle preparation fee).

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