With the recent serge in popularity of scootering both in the learner market and maxi scooters, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Each of the industries credible manufacturers have their own offering with virtually every sector covered by each of them. There are several stand out machines that seem to have gravitated to the top and are seen as the ones to go for with Suzuki and their Burgman range being one of them.

The Suzuki Burgman comes in a variety of engine sizes from 125cc right up to the huge 650cc. This cracking machine is the 400cc version which has plenty of power while still being modestly sized enough to command respect on the road. It is the late shaped design which really is a modern looking machine with a luxurious king and queen twin seat and large touring windscreen which is ideal to tuck behind for maximum protection from the elements.

Featuring a cavernous under-seat storage compartment which is unlike any other and is often enough for most needs and prevents the need to install a top-box case for some, not the previous owner of this one though, who invested in a rear carrier and quick-release top-box case from Givi. In addition, he's had a pair of Kappa knuckle brush guards, a Kappa adjustable AirStream touring screen and a set of heated handle bar grips which allow you to regulate the temperature to suit you and the conditions.

We're not only including a fresh MOT with the sale, but we're even including a free MOT annually from here on in on our MOT-4-Life scheme as well. This is ideal to save you money on the annual running cost and give you added peace of mind too.

(Subject to a £99.00 vehicle preparation fee).

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Glass Splash White Metallic.
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