001-001 MV Agusta Rivale Urban Camo


MV Agusta Rivale 800 "Urban Camo" **One Off** For Sale

***** The MV Agusta Rivale "Urban Camo" *****

*** Special Edition - One Off - Rare - Done 464 Miles ***

This is a very very unique bike (747km = 464miles)...

Giovanni Castiglioni the owner and president of MV Agusta, commissioned this camouflage special edition back in 2013 to TecnoArt SerSan in Milano.

This would not only be his personal bike but also the official bike that was launched at EICMA back in November 2013.

It's a version that applies a camouflage in shades of white, black and grey making it the most aggressive Rivale ever produced.


The MV Agusta Rivale 800 was awarded the most beautiful bike past Hall of Milan when it was presented and generated great interest among fans of the Italian brand and not only. The Rivale was the third model built on the basis of the "three-cylinder platform" equipped with a 800 cm3 engine capable of 125 hp, equipped with 4 mappings (one of which can be customized) and standard adjustable traction control on eight levels of intervention.

The frame is trussed in steel tubes and aluminum plates coupled to a single-sided swing-arm; at the suspension level we find a multi-adjustable Marzocchi fork at the front and a mono Sachs at the rear. Very special the line that includes a short tail, lots of LEDs and a uniquely beautiful shape of the tank.

On this URBAN CAMO the changes were supposed to be only aesthetic, but according to reliable sources/rumors, this bike had been modified from the factory with the engine having undergone "upgrading" to over 900 cm3 for a power close to 150 hp, proving that the successful three-cylinder Schiranna had unexplored potential… (as you can see on the link below):


After the official launch of the bike, a few changes were made before the bike left the factory so it could be homologated for use in the street. Most significant changes were the different wheels, exhaust and the addition of the unique plaque “GIOVANI CASTIGLIONI 001-001”.

The bike was the originally purchased through a philanthropic event in Europe.
I then purchased and imported the bike from Geneva Switzerland.
This a very unique bike and part of my personal collection.

I may have interest on part exchange on a classic, rare or limited edition bike.
If it doesn’t sell I will be happily keeping the bike whilst I see its price coming up.

Please see links below, Wikipedia Etc to prove how Special this Bike actually is !!

Thank you for your time.


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Manual / 4 Mappings / 8 Traction Control

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