Top 10 Xmas biker gifts

Struggling over what to buy for Christmas? Check our Yule top 10

STUCK FOR what to buy your bike-loving partner/friend for this Christmas?

Check out our Top 10 stocking fillers - ranging in price from just a few quid to a couple of hundred!

There's got to be something in there for everyone.

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Trickle Charger

Keep it topped up

IF LEFT unfettled, a bike's battery can go into a deep state of discharge over the winter months, making it useless come spring time, which is where a trickle charge comes in handy.

Costing £30 - £50, the chargers keep your battery topped up with small amounts of charge, meaning your bike should fire up easily after the winter lay off.

Neck warmer

Neck warmer - the name says it all

NO MATTER HOW good a jacket your wear, cold windblast down a rider's neck can easily lead to serious discomfort and even hypothermia.

A good quality, full length neck warmer can keep out unwanted drafts, making your ride more cosy.

Cost: £5 - £20 depending on quality/brand

Tyre gauge

Accurate tyre gauge: a must for all bikers

NEVER RELY on garage forecourt pressure gauges if you want to ensure your bike's tyres are inflated to the correct level.

A decent quality gauge, like the one above, can cost as little as £15, and can be kept under the seat or in your tank bag, or pocket.

Latex gloves

Keep em clean

COSTING just £5 per 100 pairs, latex gloves are an excellent way of keeping your hands free from grease, either during maintenance work or if you should be unlucky enough if your bike breaks down at the side of the road.

Keep a pair or two in your pocket, car glove compartment and workshop. A must.

Winter gloves

Warm hands = happy biker

GOOD WINTER gloves are a Godsend, so why not treat your beloved to a set for Xmas?

Our favourites, pictured above, are Hein Gericke Pathans, which cost £59. Despite their odd 'Vulcan V' appearance, the Pathans are one of the most effective gloves on the market.

Torque wrench

Tight, but not too tight

A TORQUE wrench is used to ensure your bike's bolts are tightened to the correct tension, in accordance with the owner's manual.

The device prevents home mechanics either over or undertightening their bike's bolts; a situation which could lead to a serious mechanical failure if left unchecked.

Prices range from £25 for a basic wrench, to £250 for an all singing digital version, like the one pictured above.

Bike cover

Cover up!

WHETHER YOUR bike's kept inside or out, a decent cover is always a welcome addition to any biker's set-up.

Costing anywhere from £15 to £50, a good quality cover will keep your bike clean, dry (if waterproof) and away from prying eyes.

Tank bag

Tank bag - a bag for the tank

TANKBAGS MUST be one of the most useful accessories a biker can own.

Capable of swallowing a wallet, mobile phone, drink, food and waterproofs, a tankbag is a must have for most bikers.

Most are magnetic but many companies make versions which strap under the petrol tank, which can be a little fiddly. Most come with a waterproof cover.

Prices range from £20 to £80. The one pictured above from Hein Gericke is priced at £50.

Muc Off!

Keep it clean

EVERY BIKER loves to keep their machine in tip-top condition, so cleaning experts Muc-Off have created a kit especially for motorcyclists.

Comprising of a degreaser, sponge, numerous brushes, a protective spray and a small bucket, the kit is immensely popular and costs around £26.