Top 10 Vandalised Gatsos picture gallery

A look at some of most imaginative ways that revenge has been taken out on speed cameras

The smiley face of the law

Disgruntled road users take their frustration out on Gatsos in some very creative ways, with some resembling Turner Prize entries.

Speed cameras have not got the best reputation going, here is countdown of some of the best vandalism attempts to bring down the ‘man’.

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Gatso 2

Picasso would be so proud

Gatso 3

What could the Government be saving up for?

Gatso 4

The police take a more artistic approach for their shots

Gatso 5

Leftovers from a recent fan filming of War of the Worlds

Gatso 6

The police had to crackdown on the speeding cows

Gatso 7

British Airways not only had to contend with the staff walkouts

Gatso 8


Gatso 9

Pucker up, some very strange botox going on here

Gatso 10

This camera is literally rubbish