Top 10 things you should never do to your motorcycle

New to biking? Have a headstart with Visordown's guide to common mistakes which must be avoided. 


1. Correct chain tension is a must

IF YOU WANT to avoid knackering your bike's sprockets, prematurely wearing out the gearbox bearings and preventing the rear suspension from working properly then make sure your chain's correctly adjusted.

Refer to the owners' manual for the recommended amount of slack, and check it with the bike on its side-stand, not a centre-stand or paddock stand, as you need some weight on the shock to replicate riding conditions. It's even worth getting a mate to sit on it if you can.

Check it at several points by rolling the bike back and forth. The free-play should be consistent throughtout. If there are tight spots then it could signal the chain is getting towards the end of its life and needs replacing.

Lube the chain while you're at it, too. Watch our video guide to chain maintenance below.


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