Top 10 Adventure Motorcycling Don't's

Adventurer Lois Pryce details the ten things that you should NOT do when travelling on a motorbike

01. Think you need to buy a big fancy bike and tons of kit

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the latest ‘adventure bike’ to have an adventure and you certainly don’t need loads of shiny new gear. People have ridden around the world on Harleys, C90s, Vespas, R1s, old Brit bikes and just about everything else in between. The bike and kit in your garage will probably do the job just fine and with a couple of rucksacks slung over your saddle, you’re ready for action!

02. Over-prepare

Preparing for your big trip is fun, but some people get so caught up in the preparation that they never leave! You can’t predict what’s going to happen every day on the road so don’t even try to prepare for every possible eventuality. Take basic cautionary measures such as arranging travel insurance that covers motorcycling, packing a first-aid kit and getting your bike in tip-top shape but the rest…well, that is in the hands of Allah…

03. Treat it like a military op

You’re meant to be on holiday! Motorcycle travel in remote lands can be tough and gruelling at times so there’s no need to make it harder than necessary. Many seasoned riders I know like to carry one luxury item in their panniers, ranging from a china mug for their morning cuppa, a pepper grinder for the campfire cookout, lacy undies (a lady rider) and a teddy bear (a strapping bloke who shall remain nameless). What will yours be?