Splash the cash on the Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles of 2021

We take a look at the Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles for 2020 that you can buy today and ride out tomorrow with a big hole in your bank account

Ducati Superleggera V4

IF you’re on the lookout for the most expensive motorcycles, the chances are you’re either window shopping in case your lucky numbers come up on the lottery, or you actually already have enough in the bank to drop a six-figure sum on some new wheels.

For most, it’s the former and if you’re a habitual window shopper, 2020 is a bit of a bumper year for super expensive motorcycles whether you're after ultra-exclusive or a honed engineering masterpiece for those track days when you can afford to rent it out just for yourself... or your imagination is just very vivid.

In this top ten most expensive motorcycles feature, we aren’t looking at the weird and wonderful choppers that get built for celebs with diamond-encrusted brake discs. Neither are we looking at race bikes or machines that are featured in films and TV. These are the top ten most expensive motorcycles of 2020 so far that you can walk into a dealership and buy tomorrow.

If you’re flush enough!

EDIT: Such is the way of the world. we've altready added in a couple of new entries for 2020... we''ll keep checking down the back of the sofa

Top ten most expensive production motorcycles of 2020

10. MV Agusta Rush 1000 - £31,000 (TBC)

Based on the already bonkers Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, the Rush 1000 is a styling exercise in excess, with carbon fibre everything, 208bhp, and a top speed of over 180mph. As if the way with expensive motorcycles, the Rush 1000 is a rare beast indeed.

If the price tag of the Rush 1000 is a little too hard to swallow, you could opt for the recently announced Brutale 1000 RR, basically the same bike but with less willy-waving – and it comes in around £4k less than this!

9. Brough Superior SS100 - £35,000

Legendary motorcycle brand Brough was brought back from the dead in 2015 and unveiled its first bike of the modern era at the EICMA show in 2016.

The SS100 was a modern take on the Brough Superior ethos of innovation, excellent design, and superior construction and materials.

8. Yamaha R1M Petronas SRT MotoGP Replica (YART) - 46,000euros

While we're perhaps skirting into custom territory here, limited editions don't get more accomplished than those being commissioned by Yamaha Austria Racing Team as one of the marque's top tuning houses anywhere in the world, as well as its Endurance World Championship partner.

For 2020, the outfit were tasked with turning the new Yamaha R1M into a mirror of its MotoGP counterpart, albeit not the Factory version but the title-contending Petronas Sepang Racing Team version. The result is a striking liveried up model to turn heads on the street with enough treats under the skin to make you handy around a race track. Incidentally, we left this as a Euros reference because it is likely to cost a Valentino Rossi-message approved 46,000euros...

7. Energica Ego 45 Limited Edition – £56,000

If you’re looking for two-wheels and zero tailpipe emissions to blow your cash on, the Energica Ego 45 is probably the way to go.

It is basically a slightly spec’d up Ego sports bike, although an improvement on that is no bad thing – it’s already one of the best electric sports bikes money can buy.

6. Virus Alyen 988 - £80,000

More of a show pony than a bike you’d actually ride anywhere on, the Vyrus Aylen takes the madness dial and the price tag and cranks them both right up to eleven.

Powered by the V-twin engine from the Ducati Panigale, the Aylen is a semi-naked, 200bhp sports bike that looks like one of the baddies from the show Stranger Things! Doesn’t stop us wanting one, mind. Until they bring out a V4 version anyway…

5. Ducati Panigale V4 Superleggera - £86,000

The headline stats for the Ducati Panigale V4 Superleggera are 230bhp, 159kg, 500 units worldwide, and a staggering, £86,000.

Slashing 15kg off the weight of a stock V4S, a bike you wouldn’t exactly call a fatty, the Superleg’ puts World Superbike levels of power, weight, and performance in the hands of, well, the super-rich basically.

4. Combat Motors P-51 Combat Fighter - £88,000

The newly renamed Combat Motors wasted no time in unveiling a raft of new and expensive metal, which this is the first of on this list.

The Combat Fighter is a modern take on the choppers and bobbers of old, featuring girder front forks, carbon fibre everything, and a monstrous 2,163cc engine.

3. Arch KRGT-1 - £90,000

If you are looking for a custom performance cruiser that comes with an a-list endorsement, you really cannot do much better than the Arch KRGT-1.

It’s £90,000 worth of billet aluminium, craftsmen finished detailing, and American muscle. The fastest way from A to B? probably not. The coolest thing on two-wheels when you get to B? Almost certainly.

2 - Aston Martin AMB-001 - £95,000(est)

It has made its name crafting some of motoring's most beautiful cars but now Aston Martin is looking to do something similar on two wheels with a move into motorcycle industry in a tie up with another upper echelon name in Brough.

The result, revealed at the 2019 EICMA show, is the Aston Martin AMB-001, a sleek and svelte - if slightly divisive - looking creation that bears many hallmarks of the British marque's four-wheel counterparts, though we will leave it to you to decide if they work as well.

With a 997cc V-Twin engine pumping out 180hp it's on the warmer side of superbike, but the emphasis is on luxury and making a smooth statement... which may go some way to explaining why it is set to cost around £95,000 when goes on sale in limited numbers.

1. Combat Motors Wraith - £125,000

The Wraith from Combat Motors is one of the most exclusive bikes on the planet, I mean, when you need a deposit of $100,000 to secure a machine, you definitely don’t want to see another one coming down the road towards you!

With a claimed top speed of over 160mph, 145bhp on tap and 160lb-ft of torque, and a frame made of billet aluminium, pretty it might not be, although we’re pretty sure they won’t struggle to sell them!