Brough Superior SS100 and Lawrence Ultimate editions revealed

The Brough Superior SS100 and Lawrence Ultimate editions will be limited to just 19 units each

Brough Superior SS100 and Lawrence Ultimate editions revealed

THIS might be one for the well-heeled bikers amongst us, but Brough Superior has just announced two very exclusive new models, the Brough Superior SS100 and Lawrence Ultimate editions.

The two new bikes might look very much like the ones already on sale from the Anglo-French brand, but look a little closer and you’ll see that they have quite a bit in common with one of Brough’s other (hyper exclusive) models. The devil is in the detail, and the detail, in this case, is the engine of the bikes and how they have been created. As reported by Le Repaire Des Motards, the engines of the two new machines are new, not in the architecture of the motor, but in the way it has been created. It’s reported that the two new bikes have utilised the same aluminium casings and barrels as the Brough Superior AMB001 track-only hyperbike, and it’s all thanks to some investment in the brand’s Toulouse manufacturing HQ. The hardware used is a five-axis CNC machining station, that allows Brough to create pretty much whatever it wants, all hewn from a single block of aluminium. We are assuming, and we could be wrong, that Brough has now completed all of the engine building it needs to do on the AMB001 machines, and has chosen to get its money’s worth out of what will likely be a fairly expensive bit of kit!

Aside from the engine, the rest of the bikes are fairly similar in design and styling to the other models already available, although there are small details, like the polished aluminium strips on the fuel tank, revised seat unit, new controls and fly-screen that set them apart.

And as this is a Brough, we can't really ignore the price, and the price you pay for this level of exclusivity… well, it’s quite a bit. Les Repaire Des Motards is reporting that the Brough Superior SS100 Ultimate will set you back €71,500, while the Lawrence Ultimate will leave a €71,900 hole in your pocket.

Like I said, one for the very well-heeled biker perhaps.