Combat Motors announces updates to its 2022 cruiser roster

If Harley-Davidson do not quite satisfy your cruising desires, perhaps their fellow Americans at Combat Motors have the answer with their 2022 range. 

Combat Motors Bomber. - Combat Motors.

COMBAT Motors have recently announced their 2022 motorcycles, all of which are cruisers, and are moderately updated from previous years. 

Featuring the same X-Wedge in-line twin-cylinder engine design, albeit with different displacements, the Bomber, Wraith, F-117 Fighter and P-51 Fighter are all available this year, but not without a significant cost. 

The Bomber is an update on the FA-13 Bomber that was previously built when Combat Motors was called Confederate Motorcycles. From a naming standpoint, it has been a good change for the brand. For 2022, an updated seat which curves upwards at the rear, as well re-designed footpegs, improves the ergonomics of the Bomber, which asks for $125,000  (£101,000) before taxes. 

Combat describes their Wraith as “the pinnacle of two-wheel artistry.” It must be said that visual differences between the Wraith and the Bomber are limited, but Combat says, “A carbon fibre seat fairing encapsulates a flame-polished acrylic brake lens that encapsulates the Combat nomenclature.” That’s a lot of encapsulation, and the Wraith also features a machined fuel tank and air box, as well as both forward and foot controls. $155,000 (£125,000, before taxes) is required to purchase the Wraith.

The F-117 Fighter (a choice of name which will frustrate any Ace Combat fan which knows the F-117 Nighthawk as an Attacker)  is the least financially impactful of Combat’s 2022 bikes. “It does not make sense, but when you ride this bike, the 117 cubic-inch S&S V-twin provides sound, power and a balanced feeling that should not exist in such a raw machine,” Combat says. 

The fourth and final bike in Combat’s 2022 range is the P51 Fighter, which comes in at $100,000 (£81,000) before taxes, and is also available in the “Black Flag” edition at the cost of an additional $5,000. Combat says, “The carbon fibre belly pans have been revised and graphic elements on the structural fuel tank refreshed. An optional 117 cubic inch displacement has been added to the list of options along with a digital speedometer built into the handlebar mount.”

For the 2022 bikes, the 2,163cc X132 engine inline-twin engine that is shared between the F-117, Wraith and Bomber has been discontinued. As a result, they are only available in limited supply, so Combat suggests you should express any interest to them about a bike as soon as possible. 

There is also mention of a Hellcat coming in the future. Combat Motors owner, Ernest Lee, says, “We are building the last of these motorcycles with the S&S X-Wedge power plant while working hard to design the new Hellcat which will be available to a wider audience."

Combat says the Hellcat will “link to the past; construction, power, and efficiency will be nothing short of innovative.”