REVEALED: Bimota TESI H2 makes official debut, power figures confirmed

The eargerly anticipated 228hp Bimota TESI H2 'hyperbike' makes its official bow in production form ahead of its October launch date

Bimota TESI H2

The much anticipated production version of the 2021 Bimota TESI H2 has been officially unveiled complete with power figures and a launch date of October 1.

The Italian ‘hyperbike’ made its bow in concept form during the 2019 EICMA show as the first product of the firm’s new tie-in with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, following the Japanese firm’s move to take a 49% stake in the iconic marque.

Based on the Kawasaki Ninja H2, we have been anticipating the Bimota TESI H2 for several months but short of the stealthy all-black prototypes being spotted out on test, this is the first time we have seen the finished product.

Bimota TESI H2 Walkaround | EICMA 2019 | Visordown

Even so, it differs little from the machine we first clasped our eyes on in Milan (even if this image appears to be partly rendered), with all manner of carves and creases in its striking fairing design and wings on show, while that recognisable inset geometric central headlight remains very much intact, not to mention the identifiable hub-centre steering and huge exhaust can.

To finish it, the Bimota TESI H2 blends a black livery with the Italian tricolore that bears a slight resemblence to that seen on Aprilia motorcycles.

Under the skin is the Kawasaki Ninja H2’s supercharged four-cylinder is quoted with the same figures as its doner model, meaning expect 228hp, or 238hp if you consider the ‘Ram Air’ power figure measurements Kawasaki uses.

This is below the 300hp rumoured previously had Bimota decided to follow the route of the track-only Kawasaki H2R, but suggests it could be unleashed into even more ‘hyper’ territory.

Even so, with a different carbon-fibre  architecture it could turn out to be quicker than the Japanese machine, while the front hub-centre steering  means the riding characteristics should be more honed towards handling.

Pre-sales are already underway but the Bimota TESI H2 will begin being distributed from October 1st, with a limited edition 250 units featuring a unique tag and frame number.

The Bimota TESI H2 comes to market to promote the firm’s Kawasaki collaboration and will kick start a series of new models aimed at reviving the fortunes of the iconic brand.

Indeed, Bimota was once one of Italy’s leading manufacturers but various changes of ownership put it close to extinction before Kawasaki intervened. The second model due from Bimota will be a cafe racer sportsbike named the KB4, based on the Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX.