Six really annoying things only motorcyclists know about

Here's a list of some of the irritating things that all bikers have to experience



Sitting at a traffic light, trying not to breathe.

duck51's picture

These don't even come close (well the stalling one does)
The most annoying is riding down the motorway between services in a full face helmet, and you cough, and up comes a mouthful of phlegm. You wait and wait but... you have to swallow it, and by then its gone cold.
It's why I only buy flip fronts these days.. :)

Midlife-Muppet's picture

when the waft of diesel fuel hits your nostrils half way around a wet island as you massage the throttle, clench butt cheeks and pray to your God you won't bin it.

The annoying jacket cuff that slips back just enough from under the glove gaunlet to let a draft of cold air in. No matter what you do while riding it keeps letting the draft in until you pull over and readjust it again.

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I think I'll just walk.

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