Scooting Stars | Top 10 BEST Maxi-Scooters of 2023

Scooters may be small, but sometimes bigger is just better... but which of these biggest super-sized 'Maxi-Scooter' is best of all?

Yamaha TMAX

Who doesn’t love a scooter? Nimble, easy to ride, convenient and comfy, the humble scooter may traditionally put function over form but few modes of transport are as fun, accessible and - for the most part - affordable.

While the fundamentals haven’t changed all that much over the decades, there is now a huge variety to suit every need, whether you want something mature and zippy or frugal and electric, designed to dart through traffic or break out of the city limits… hell, you can even choose three-wheels instead of two if you so wish.

One word you wouldn’t associate with the scooter, however, is ‘luxury’. But times are a changing and there are an increasing number of scooters that blur the lines between honest runaround and something that offers greater versatility on the road and is more lavishly appointed..

Indeed, up at the Maxi-Scooter end of the market, a steady stream of new additions have entered the fray over the last year or so, most notably the quirky electric BMW CE.04, the nip-and-tucked Piaggio MP3 trike, a revised Suzuki Burgman 400 and the latest generation Yamaha XMAX.

With a balance to be struck between Maxi-affordable and Maxi-plush, can any of these new entries make a big impression in our Top 10 BEST Maxi-Scooters of 2023?

10. Suzuki Burgman 400

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£6,999400cc29bhp35Nm @4900rpm218kg755mm13.5 L

The flagship in Suzuki’s four-strong scooter line-up, the Suzuki Burgman 400 received an update recently to keep it looking fresh against increasingly competitive opposition.

Key to the update was a retooling of its 400cc single-cylinder engine, which now meets Euro5 standards, in part thanks to its handy stop-start keyless ignition tech.

Some welcome tweaks include the options of navy rims and discrete matte black exhaust, but overall the Burgman 400 is looking its age next to more adventurous competition.

Still, it remains good value in this company, popping in at just under £7,000, a tag that currently comes with a two-year servicing deal, while it is comfortable, generously equipped and should prove reliable.

9. Peugeot Metropolis SW

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£9,499399cc36bhp38Nm @5750rpm280kg780mm13.5 L

After a period of banishment in certain markets - after Piaggio won a legal case accusing Peugeot of copying patents for its three-wheel suspension set-up - the Peugeot Metropolis SW trike is back on these shores.

Following the trail blazed by the innovative Piaggo MP3, the Peugeot Metropolis SW doesn’t stray too far from its inspiration’s unusual brief, with the two front, one rear wheel arrangement ensuring superior agility and grip.

Given a thorough refresh in 2021, the Metropolis SW is available with a 399cc engine offering 36bhp, while the sporty-themed looks are more attractive than the MP3… though it is and will always be a quirky looking thing!

8. BMW CE.04

PriceBatteryBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightRange
£12,8508.9kWh42bhp62Nm @1500rpm231kg780mm80 mls

The future is already now at BMW, which has chosen to make its first from the ground up electric two-wheeler an ultra-modern maxi-scooter.

Enter (silently) the BMW CE.04, which wears its EV heart like a crown via its clean, minimalist lines that scream (silently) this is no average scooter…. Just try to ignore its Sinclair C5 plastics and Dyson-like colour touches.

This isn’t BMW’s first electric scooter attempt, but this is the first to be all new from the drawing board. This means it has been developed very deliberately to ensure it maximises its eco-conscious, frugal credentials.

The 8.9kWh battery - which sits below you as part of the floor - will keep you going for a combined 80-mile range, with top speed peaking at 74mph. Select the quick charger and it’ll take around 1h 40mins to reach 100%, while some of the more interesting gadgetry includes a vast smartphone-like digital dash display.

At £12,850, the CE.04 is pricey relative to options - scooter, electric or otherwise - in that price bracket, but the margin over other petrol maxi-scooters means it won’t be too long before you’re saving plenty of pennies.

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7. Kymco AK550 Premium

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£10,399550cc51bhp52Nm @6000rpm233kg785mm14.5 L

One of Europe and Asia’s highest-profile scooter manufacturers, while Kymco is less of a household name over here in the UK, its compact range is definitely worth a look.

At the ‘Maxi’ end of its line-up, Kymco offers the MP3-inspired CV3 trike and the AK550, available in standard or Premium trim. Opt for the fully kitted out Kymco AK550 Premium and you’ll get full LED lighting, an electric windshield, quality materials and keen 51bhp at your disposal.

At £10,399, the Kymco AK550 Premium is a modest £500 more than the entry-level equivalent and while it stacks up well against the similarly priced Honda Forza 750 in terms of performance and kit, it loses out on the assurance of its rivals’ substantially greater dealer network.

6. BMW C400 GT

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£7,340350cc34bhp35Nm @7500rpm214kg775mm12.8 L

If your budget doesn’t stretch to the BMW CE.04 - and you don’t have an aversion to petrol stations now and again - then the sister petrol-sipping BMW C400 GT offers good value, stylish urban mobility.

More practical and demure than the sister C400 X, the GT retains BMW’s signature sculpted scooter look, which hides greater storage space and plusher ergonomics, while the German firm’s top notch tech includes keyless ignition and smartphone connectivity.

On the road the C400 GT handles well and feels brisk and though you’ll compromise some power compared to most of its Maxi-Scooter rivals, the kick-back is getting BMW engineering and kudos at competitive £7,340 price.

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5. Piaggio MP3 Exclusive 530

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£11,500530cc44bhp50Nm @5250rpm280kg790mm13.7 L

The game-changing Piaggio MP3 has evolved from curious oddball to becoming a regular sight on Europe’s city streets in the 17 years since it was first revealed.

With Piaggio's patented its asymmetric two-front, one-rear wheel suspension configuration, the MP3 will never not stand out from the crowd, but it doesn’t take a genius to understand the benefits of a scooter that won’t tip over (unintentionally, anyway…).

Indeed, while you trade some agility, the MP3 never feels cumbersome, while the extra stability and grip from having an extra wheel is ideal for those perhaps intimidated by riding through the urban jungle.

A recent update introduced the HPE 530 Exclusive as a new flagship to the range, which makes lighter work of the MP3’s relative heft than the 500cc engined version it replaces and features a host of premium tech features usually reserved for top-of-the-range motorcycles, including cruise control, a rear-view camera, a reverse gear and Blind Spot alerts. 

4. Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 560

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£13,800562cc47bhp58Nm @5250rpm220kg800mm15 L

Who says a scooter can’t be lavish and filled to the handlebars with top-of-the-range tech?  At least, that’s what Yamaha is asking with its the TMAX 560 Tech Max, which is as much of a mouthful in name as it is plentiful in kit.

Self-styled as a ‘sports scooter’, while the TMAX’s relation to the Yamaha R1 is cousin, twice-removed, step-lovechild at best, compared with models of its ilk it is the model you’d feel most comfortable riding in your neon Valentino Rossi helmet.

With 47bhp from the 562cc at your fingertips, the TMAX feels mature and refined on the go, offering the agility of tackling the urban jungle without feeling too overawed upon straying outside the city limits.

It’s well-kitted out too with its multi-functional Garmin-navigation TFT dashboard, electric screen and heated grips, though this comes at a substantial price with the £13,800 tag making it hard to justify over its sister model, the Yamaha XMAX 300.

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3. Honda Forza 750 & Honda X-ADV

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£10,399745cc58bhp69Nm @4750rpm235kg790mm13.2 L

If Yamaha has taken the concept of a Grand Touring scooter to the ‘MAX’, then may the ‘Forza’ be with you if you opt for Honda’s equivalent super-sized scooter.

Boasting plenty of luggage space, a mature riding experience and unmistakable Honda quality, the XL-size Forza has some zip too with 58bhp on tap from its 745cc engine to blur the lines between scooter and motorcycle

If the Honda Forza 750 is too much of a ‘default choice’ for you though, then Honda gives you the option to go rogue with the quirky X-ADV. 

Proof that Honda can not only think outside the box, but Feng Shui it too, the Honda X-ADV is the scooter for those who commute during the week but like to get a bit filthy at the weekends too.

Granted, the notion of an off-road capable scooter might seem oxymoronic but the X-ADV - with its knobbly tyres, higher ground clearance and Honda Selectable Torque Control - capably multi-tasks by feeling nimble on the smooth stuff yet surprisingly eager in the rough too, so long as your rock-climbing aspirations are set to ‘responsible’.

It’s not cheap at £11,099, unless you hear the call of the wilderness, the Forza 750 at £10,399 is arguably the more logical choice.

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2. Honda Forza 350

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£5,799330cc29bhp31Nm @5250rpm184kg780mm11.7 L

If you don’t need the extra engine capacity, most will find the Honda Forza 350 ample enough to satisfy your scooter desires.

A perennially popular choice in the UK, the Forza retains all of Honda’s sensibilities for engineering, quality, reliability and affordable running costs but condenses them into a temptingly good value product.

A recent restyle adopts more of the larger 750’s features, including sharper front-end, LED lighting and voice-activated smartphone connectivity, while an upgrade from 297cc to 330cc gives the Forza 350 just enough squirt to live up to its ‘Sporty GT’ billing.

And, just like its 750 sibling, it too now comes with a Honda ADV350 variant that can handle the odd light off-road challenges.

In short, while the Forza 350 isn’t so much ‘maxi’ in nature, being a Honda it feels bigger and plusher than its like-for-like rivals.

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1. Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max

PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap.
£6,700292cc28bhp29Nm @5750rpm183kg795mm13 L

While we’re perhaps pushing the concept of what classifies as a Maxi-Scooter with the Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max, we’ve relaxed the proverbial rule book here… after all, it literally has double MAX in capital letters right there in the name.

A model that vyes with the Honda Forza for status as the UK’s best-selling two-wheeler in 125cc trim, Yamaha recently upped the ante with the launch of its latest generation model, which spruces up the design with some neat design touches, including more angular bodywork and X-theme headlight configuration.

While it can’t match the later TMAX’s big bike feel, what the Yamaha XMAX 300 loses in presence and power at a modest 28bhp, it ‘maxes’ out in quality and grown-up feel, without losing its sure-footedness in city environments too.

In Tech Max trim, the XMAX 300 comes with smartphone connectivity and Garmin compatible navigation relayed through a new multi-theme 4.2-inch TFT dashboard, while the Standard features a 4.3-inch LCD screen with smartphone connectivity.

Leather-style seat and lid covers also feature on the Tech models, together with aluminium footplates, plus keyless ignition and traction control.

Prices for the Yamaha XMAX 300 start at £6,205, with the fully-loaded Tech Max tagged at £6,705.

* prices correct at time of publication - [April 2022]

Top 10 BEST Maxi-Scooters of 2023 - Key technical specifications and details

 PriceEngineBHPTorqueWeightSeat HeightFuel Cap
10Suzuki Burgman 400£6,999400cc29bhp35Nm @4900rpm218kg755mm13.5 L
9Peugeot Metropolis SW£9,499399cc36bhp38Nm @5750rpm280kg780mm13.5 L
8BMW CE.04£12,8508.9kWh42bhp62Nm @1500rpm231kg780mm80 mls
7Kymco AK550 Premium£10,399550cc51bhp52Nm @6000rpm233kg785mm14.5 L
6BMW C 400 GT£7,340350cc34bhp35Nm @7500rpm214kg775mm12.8 L
5Piaggio MP3 Exclusive 530£11,500530cc44bhp50Nm @5250rpm280kg790mm13.7 L
4Yamaha TMAX Tech Max£13,800562cc47bhp58Nm @5250rpm220kg800mm15 L
3Honda Forza 750 / X-ADV£5,799330cc29bhp31Nm @5250rpm184kg780mm11.7 L
2Honda Forza 350 / ADV350£10,399745cc58bhp69Nm @4750rpm235kg790mm13.2 L
1Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max£6,700292cc28bhp29Nm @5750rpm183kg795mm13 L