BMW C 400 GT (2019) review

BMW C 400 GT (2019) review

We’ve taken BMW’s all-new C400GT maxi-scooter for a quick spin, is their ‘Grand-Turismo’ worthy of the £7050 price tag?

If you’re not perturbed by the price and want a premium, attractive mid-sized Maxi-scooter, then look no further, you won’t be disappointed.
Styling, comfort, TFT display
A tad pricy, non adjustable screen

BMW unveiled their new C400GT at ECIMA International Bike Show, in Milan last year and it rests snugly against its sibling the C400X, which Visordown tested back in July last year. The GT is heavily based on their attractive X version, but with added comfort transforming the ‘base’ model into a touring maxi-scooter, if there is such a thing as a touring maxi-scooter.

BMW C400 GT video review

Both models share the same single-cylinder, four-stroke, 350cc engine producing a respectable 34bhp through the seamless CVT gearbox. Although it was designed in Germany, the bike is built in China and the engine shares more than a resemblance to a current Kymoc lump.

The new GT has increased wind protection thanks to a taller and wider screen and there’s improved ergonomics, creating more leg room for taller riders. Luggage capacity is impressive, the right-hand side frontal compartment conceals a neat 12v socket. Under the lockable seat you’ll find BMW’s ‘Flexicase’ system, which (when stationary) expands the storage space to fit a full face and open face lid. Pillions also receive increased comfort with a new seat, and footboards replace conventional pillion pegs. Keyless ignition, ABS and ASC Automatic Stability Control (traction control to me and you) comes as standard; it’s an impressive overall package.

Our test model also benefited from a few optional extras, three stage heated grips and seat, which get hot enough to cook on, and BMW’s class-leading full-colour TFT 6.5 screen (£595). The base price starts at a slightly grimacing £7050 or a more palatable £101 per month on PCP, but our test model fully-loaded pushed the price to £7865 or £126 per month on PCP.