Nine incredible bikes we can't wait to ride

We know they're on the way. And we can't wait.

Nine incredible bikes we can't wait to ride

WE can't remember a year with more new bike launches than this one.

Visordown has already tested 35 new models for 2017. And it's only the start of April.

Okay, so new Euro4 emission limits might have something to do with it, but the compulsion to meet them has encouraged model development, which we like. 

And it hasn't finished. A quick look through our news stories from last autumn's bikes shows reminded us there are loads of machines that we know are on the way and cannot wait to ride. 

Here, in no particular order, are nine, starting with...

Yamaha T7

We saw it in spy shots a year ago. Then Yamaha revealed it as the concept pictured above at the Milan show in November

Inspired by the XT-660Z Ténéré but powered by the parallel-twin plant from the MT-07, the T7 looks every bit the rally-adventure off-road weapon.

Developed by Yamaha's official rally team, it's got an aluminium fuel tank, four-projector LED headlights, a carbon fairing and skid plate and a custom made Akrapovič exhaust.

It will be in production by 2019, Yamaha said. Get a move on, chaps.

Read more about it here and take a closer look in our walk-around video below. 

Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Aero

YES, it's basically a faired Vitpilen 401, which in turn is a re-imagined KTM 390 Duke, making this a sort of re-imagined KTM RC390.

Still with us?

Never mind what it is or where it came from or why. Look at it. We don't know whether to ride it or put on Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth.

It will dislocate necks at any bike meet, and you only need an A2 licence to ride one.  

The 375cc KTM Duke it derives from also represents probably the most fun you can have on an A2 bike. 

Husqvarna introduced the Aero as a new model in Milan in November, along with the Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen 401, but have yet to confirm a production date. The Vitpilen and Svartpilen are due to go on sale this autumn. 

We can't to wait to ride them all. 

Read more about it here and take a closer look in our walk-around video below.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

IF only one of those Vitpilen/Svartpilen thingys had a proper engine. Oh, wait. 

This is the grown-up one, also powered by a KTM but now the 690cc single from the Enduro and SMC (which is also the plant in the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and Enduro).

Why don't the two brands just call themselves KMTvarna and be done with it?

Also first seen in spy shots last year, the Vitpilen 701 was revealed as a 'concept' by Husqvarna in November in Milan, but is surely on the way as a production bike.

The firm says it 'marks their return to street motorcycling and is the next step towards Husqvarna Motorcycles’ future vision'.

Be quiet and make it already.

Read more about it here.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

COME on. Don't pretend you're not interested. We only have to look at the traffic figures every time we do a Royal Enfield story to know that loads of you are. 

The Indian firm's first adventure bike hilariously snapped a peg doing small jump in the official promotional video. It doesn't look like it's got the ground clearance for serious off-roading and sources have suggested it may not even be that cheap when it eventually arrives in the UK, at about £7,000. 

We don't care. We think it will be a laugh and want to have a go. 

The 410cc single is the first of a new range of models and engines expected from the firm, with a new R&D facility in the UK 

Introduced in India last year, Royal Enfield showed it in Milan in November and confirmed it was headed to Europe, but we don't yet know when. 

Read more about it here.

Honda CBR250RR

NO, not a new Honda CBR250R or even CBR300R.

It's the CBR250-double-R, with twice as many cylinders as those singles and the best specs we've seen on a bike this small since two-strokes: a claimed 38hp and 154kg dry. 

We've seen it do 105mph on the clock

Compare that to a 1984 Suzuki RG250 Gamma, with an upright top speed of 103.3mph and a genuine 32bhp despite a claimed 46.

Honda launched the CBR250RR in Asian markets last year and has yet to budge on its position that there are no plans to bring it to Europe.

We're still hopeful that's because we going to get a 300cc version, just as Yamaha introduced the R25 in Asia and then the R3 here. 

With an ever-growing market of small-capacity sports bikes, it would be stupid not to. So do it, Honda. Do it. 

Read more about it here.

Honda Africa Twin Enduro Sports

HONDA'S Africa Twin is already the big adventure bike that feels most like a natural off-roader, so imagine how good this one will be. 

Honda introduced it as the Africa Twin Enduro Sports concept in Milan in November, saying it was 'created to expand the Africa Twin family and capture the imagination of customers dreaming of new possibilities for this “go anywhere” adventure machine.

'As such, with the Enduro Sports version, Honda’s R&D designers have pushed the concept of the CRF1000L Africa Twin to new  limits, with a vision for even better off-road ability. The base model has been embellished with several lighter weight chassis parts, derived from Honda’s  single-cylinder racing CRF models. The overall look and feel is one of lightness with a sporty attitude.'

A production version has yet to be confirmed but a similar-looking Africa Twin Rally recently debuted for the Italian market.

Surely it's coming.

Read more about it here and get a closer look in our walk-around video below. 

Honda Monkey

THE illustration shows a machine that could be mistaken for Honda's classic 49cc Z50 Monkey, but modernised.

It's got disc brakes front and rear, upside-down forks, a new frame, sub-frame and swing-arm and in all probability a 125cc engine.

And it's not just any old illustration. It's a Honda design patent. 

Not going to make it? Then why have they done it?

Given the succes of the firm’s tiny MSX125, the closest model to a monkey bike in the current UK range, plus the current appetite for traditional machines, it would be daft not to.

Read more about it

KTM 790 Duke

A NEW new parallel-twin 800cc engine wrapped in a compact hand-welded steel frame and styling as sharp as a razor. And it's a Duke.

Who doesn't want to ride it?

The KTM 790 Duke was introduced as a prototype in Milan in November, with a quick-shifter, traction control, riding modes and more. 

We want a go. 


Read more about it and get a closer look in our walk-around video below. 

BMW HP4 Race

AND here's the daddy. 

The biggest surprise in Milan last year - in fact anywhere last year - and the one that stole the show. 

The new HP4 Race will be "the most exciting and most exclusive motorcycle BMW has ever built." the firm said as it revealed the prototype. 

They didn't say much else, but what do you need to add to that?

BMW Motorrad Chief Stephan Schaller said it would be produced in "strictly limited numbers" and delivered in the second half of 2017.

Still too long to wait.

Read more about it here.