Honda's CBR250RR in detail

When did a 250 last look this good?


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When Kawasaki revealed the original bike this was copied from, over 6 years ago.
Steel frame and preload adjustable shock, don't see that every day. Good thing it has riding modes and throttle-by-wire, you would not want to release those 28hp all at once.
Okay, it's good nice plastics, but why does Honda spend hundreds of millions in MotoGP to not use the REPSOL livery or make a lighter bike with better suspension?
This is just another symptom of the sad state of modern bikes for younger riders.

Lol this bike looks nothing like the Ninja 250 or the 300. The frame is different the suspension is different, the console display is all digital race spec with lap timer, the headlight assembly is all led and unique with integrated turn signals, the exhaust looks better for modern regs, the swing arm is high quality aluminium and the bike makes 38ps with downdraft ram air induction with functional air scoops behind the side fairings. Get your facts right next time.

This is Indonesian-manufactured Honda we're talking about. Its quality is nothing like its Thai counterparts. While Honda is leading in motorcycle sales here (thanks to its cheap little scooters), Indonesian Honda is notorious for poor quality control and cheap materials in its products. I'd say it's on par with KTM or Indian-made motorcycles, or perhaps even below.
Now I wouldn't say all motorcycles manufactured here are of low quality. While I admit the quality is still slightly below Thai-manufactured bikes, our products are definitely head and shoulder better than Indian motorcycles. In fact, we've exported some decent stuffs to EU and US (e.g., R3 and MT-03, Ninja 250SL, Address 110).
It's just that, of all 4 Japanese motorcycle manufacturers here, Honda's products are the worst in terms of quality.

Lighter bike with better suspension? Those are Showa forks designed in Japan built at Showas Indonesian plant. If you mean fully adjustable then it will bump up the sticker price and you will then moan about an affordable bike not being affordable just like how these guys ask for the old i4 to be brought back. Nobody put money on those i4s when they cost as much as a 600SS back then, they expect it to be affordable now? :)

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They need to XSR/Vilpitten this ..pronto.

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I deeply apologize, I now see the CBR uses 4mm fairing bolts while the Ninja uses 5mm fairing bolts.
I confused the Kawasaki 250 parallel twin with the CBR 250 parallel twin. Aside from: the steel frames, the engines, the wheel dimensions, the brakes and the suspension, the power output and weight, the bikes are TOTALLY different. The Honda is black. And OH MY GOD...38PS, how does this bike not have traction control and anti-wheelie winglets? Are they trying to kill people?
RAM AIR? How did I miss that, this will make a huge difference at 158 km/hr. Showa forks! That's a brand!
The overall specs on all the 250s is now identical between Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda, good thing they paint them different colors to reinforce how TOTALLY DIFFERENT they are. And why would anyone want a lighter bike with better brakes anyway? It's all about the LED DRLs and integrated turn signals, yo.

Oh look, somebody thinks all litre class superbikes are the same because they have more or less identical specifications. Well, hello there Sir.Noobs-a-lot

And which idiot told you the bike tops at 158km/hr? Even the old single cylinder 26ps 250R managed to hit a speedo indicated 100mph/160kmph. The R25 hits a speedo indicated 190kph so this one should do atleast a 195kph with ease if its lighter than the other bike since it already makes a bit more power.
Litre bikes add 10hp due to ram-air alone. SportRider has an article on ram-air and pressure difference for noobs like you. Do have a read sometimes.

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I just noticed the forks are gold..just like OHLINS.
"downdraft ram air induction with functional air scoops" WOW. YOU DON'T SEE THAT EVERY DAY. I'm gutted with embarrassment, I feel like a teenager on the interwebnets.

Yep you don't see that everyday in sub 250-300 class sportbikes. Well, its okay to have a Noob moment sometimes. Not everyone is born smart, some chose to be ignorant but that's okay too.


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