The 10 Grand Prix books you must own

From biographies of legends to beautiful coffee table companions. We've put together the Top 10 GP books that you need to own

10. Barry Sheene 1950-2003 The Biography – Stuart Barker

This biography is a collection of tales from one of the greatest British racers of all time. Barry Sheene was certainly an entertaining character and this book collects together the rise of the two-time Grand Prix 500 champion. Stuart Barker pieces together Sheene’s history through interviews with closest friends, team mates and former rivals.

9. MotoGP Technology - Neil Spalding

Neil Spalding has compiled together the inside story of each of the MotoGP bikes within the paddock. MotoGP Technology takes an analytical and detailed look at every aspect of the MotoGP bikes from all of the manufacturers and entries in MotoGP across the 990 and 800 eras. This is the definitive look in to the MotoGP bikes thanks to Neil Spalding’s insider access to the paddock.

8. Ring of Fire - Rick Broadbent

Ring of Fire from Rick Broadbent is an account of the pressures that it takes to be successful in MotoGP, following the careers of Mike Hailwood and Valentino Rossi, this semi-biography also features stories of other top Grand Prix races and the activities they get up to both on and off the track. This book can certainly be eye opening at times when hearing the stories these riders get up to.

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Seven to four MotoGP Books

7. Stealing Speed - Mat Oxley

Espionage, people smuggling, theft and motorcycle racing could all be elements for a great thriller, but this was a true story when one of Japan’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers stole a Nazi rocket scientist’s engine secrets from behind the Iron Curtain. German rider Ernst Degner defected to the West and sold secrets to Suzuki, this is the story of the biggest spy scandal to hit Grand Prix racing.

6. Daijiro Kato The Official Tribute Book

Daijiro Kato was sadly killed in a crash at Suzuka in 2003; this tribute book is collection of memories from the people close to the MotoGP prospect. Through tributes from family, friends and rivals this book tells Daijiro Kato’s full story of how his talent grew to be Japan and Honda’s best hope of a MotoGP champion.

5. Fifteen Times - Giacomo Agostini

This autobiography is more unconventional from the typical style of biographies; the narrative reads more like a novel with the story about a fictitious writer writing about the MotoGP legend. With excellent photography and the alternative story-telling of Agostini’s life this rare book is must-have for any fan of the fifteen time champion.

4. Jorge Lorenzo My Story So Far

Jorge Lorenzo’s MotoGP career may still be on the rise, and it’s likely there will be a follow up to this story, but Lorenzo has had a colourful life in the MotoGP paddock. The book gives the reader an insight into his intimate story, telling it straight through the rise and fall of emotions, the conflicts, tensions and the glory of being a racer in the top-flight class.

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Top 3 MotoGP Books

3. Wayne Rainey - His Own Story - Michael Scott

This biography is the story of the legendary Wayne Rainey, a three-time 500cc Grand Prix champion. It covers his rise in California on the flat-track scene to his move to Europe becoming the best in the world. The book also covers his second-life and what he saw as his ‘escape’ from Grand Prix racing; the paralysis suffered in 1993 and the struggles to get to terms with his new lifestyle.

2. What If I Had Never Tried It? - Valentino Rossi

This is the story of greatest motorcycle racer of all time, Valentino Rossi, written by the MotoGP great himself. Read about how Rossi grew up messing around in the streets of Tavullia to his progression to becoming a legend. This is the best insight into Valentino Rossi as he candidly tells the story of his life.

1. Motocourse (ALL) - Michael Scott

Most Grand Prix enthusiasts aspire to have a full shelf with spines displaying the Motocourse editions through the time (I know I do). Penned by Michael Scott, the annuals are a look back at the year’s championships, with results and run-downs of the races. These encyclopaedias are highlighted with great pictures from the year of racing.