Top 10 motorcycling iPhone apps

Apps on the iPhone have become a good way to curb boredom, save lives and generally increase the knowledge (laziness) of people. Here are the Top 10 essential apps for the motorcycle owning iPhone user

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10. Car Incident Assistant - £free

Motorcycles are easy targets for crashes and this app lets you log any incidents for insurance purposes. The developers have created a simplistic app that allows you to take multiple photos of an accident scene, capture the location through GPS and record third party details amongst others.

09. MotoGP 2010 Official Live Timing – Premium Pass £11.49

Although rather expensive for an iPhone app this live timing app is a must-have for any MotoGP fan. This is the only app that provides the same data that the pit-wall receives in terms of split times, so as you are following the free practice, qualifying or racing on the TV you can get real-time results. Also, there is a interactive 3D map to view the riders on the track, so you can see a virtual representation of the gaps in the race.

08. Decibel - £0.59

Worried that your bike is too loud for the impending track day but you haven’t changed your exhaust, well you can test the decibels of your bike to make sure it is not too loud to make it out the track. Top Gear endorsed this app as Clarkson used it to measure the loudness of a supercar on the show.

Seven to four

07. Ride YAMAHA – £free

Stuck without your bike and pining for the feel of a throttle, then look no further as this free app from Yamaha turns your iPhone in to the throttle of either the R1 superbike or a YZ450F motocrosser. This app will easily provide five minutes of fun as you irritate pedestrians.

06. Dynolicious - £7.49

Looking to brag about the BHP of your bike but don’t want to fork out £50k plus on your own Dyno well thanks to your iPhone you can now have one to fit inside your pocket. This app gives a rough estimation of your bike’s power using the phone’s built-in accelerometer to measure the 0-60 acceleration, horsepower and several other performance measurements of your bike.

05. Ducati Moto - £2.39

Ducati Moto is a gaming app perfect for avoiding unwanted attention on the trains. With eight ‘authentic’ Ducati motorcycles from the Monster 695 to the Desmosedici RR, the gaming app features over 32 street races over four different events including circuit and point to point. The arcade game also features stunt challenges where you can perform jumps and wheelies. The game works through a small joystick at the lower right hand corner of the screen, and takes a few attempts to master it but you’ll soon be powering a Desmo at high speeds through the streets.

04. Trapster - £free

Speed cameras can be annoying, so rather than vandalising them you can avoid them thanks to your trusty iPhone. Trapster works worldwide and provides up-to-date locations of speed cameras and known police camera traps. When there is a camera nearby a sound or text alert flashes from your iPhone to tell you how to save your licence.

Final three

03. Pocket First Aid & CPR - £2.39

This app literally saved the life of an aid worker trapped in the rubble following the earthquakes in Haiti. The Pocket First Aid & CPR features hundreds of interactive pages with illustrations and videos showing how to deal with critical first aid situations. Even if you’re out on a ride in the middle of nowhere you don’t have to worry about a phone signal as all the medical information is stored on the iPhone.

02. Moto X Mayhem - £0.59

This side scrolling racer app works by leaning the iPhone to accelerate taking the virtual motorbike over a series of offroad obstacles including hill climbs and huge jumps. For the price of a chocolate bar you can have this highly addictive gaming app, and Moto X Mayhem isn’t limited to your handset as you can log your best times on an online scoreboard.

01. Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Navigation Road Finder - £2.99

Not sure where to find at the weekend and fancy taking in a new stretch of road? Then dab your iPhone with your index finger and find loads of routes plotted for you. This app allows for people to post great riding roads and share them with the world, once uploaded they are viewable on Google maps with GPS directions. With user comments and star ratings based on criterias such as; fun, scenic, curves and more, it’s easy to find a suitable road to ride – and if you don’t like it you can leave a scathing review.