Learning to ride a motorcycle: One Stop Guide

Motorcycle learning to ride guide

Motorcycling is more than just a two-wheeled method of transport. They can be used to fulfil adrenaline bursts on a weekend, ease a commute to work in the week and discover adventures in trans-global road trips.

The safety aspect of biking may put people off but the truth is there has never been a better time to get into riding than now. Bikes and riding gear have never been safer and the current training and test system means you’ll be more prepared than ever as you take the first steps on the biking ladder.

We’ve compiled a motorcycle training survival manual to advise you on how to get into biking; running through all aspects of the test, the gear you’ll need and the right bike to buy, ensuring you get the best preparation before, during and after achieving your motorcycle licence.

Part 2: Getting started with the correct licences
Part 3: Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)
Part 4: Which kind of motorcycle training course?
Part 5: How do I choose the right bike training school?
Part 6: Motorcycle theory test
Part 7: Motorcycle practical test - Module 1 and Module 2 advice
Part 8: The right kit
Part 9: Choosing the right first bike
Part 10: Post-test advanced rider skills training

Motorcycle licence test tips:

When it is necessary to overtake in a motorcycle test situation
How to deal with changing road surfaces
View 10 of the best first big bikes
Bikes need insuring here are 10 tips to getting cheaper motorcycle insurance
Here are 10 of the best learner-friendly 125cc motorbikes you can ride on a CBT licence.
Taking a passenger requires a full licence, once you have follow this motorcycle pillion guide
Save money with the motorcycle maintenance tasks you can do yourself

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