Learning to ride a motorcycle: The right course

Courses can be tailored to fit your motorcycle learning requirements

Many schools throughout the UK sell courses that aim to get you your licence within a week or even less. This means that a totally novice rider must undertake CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), graduate to a 500cc machine, learn the part-two test syllabus and take the test itself – all in about 4/5 days. The tests are usually pre-booked and you’re expected to ‘have a go’, usually whether you’re ready or not.

Unfortunately, this ‘production line’ form of training leaves little time for candidates to develop vital slow control skills. Those of us that already ride know all too well how unnerving negotiating a large motorcycle at slow speeds can be – it’s a skill that’s honed over months and years, rather than a matter of days.

So what can we do to help our chances when it comes to taking our test?

Pick a course that’s suitable to you. Many test candidates, especially the ones that have previous off road experience, find intensive courses right up their street, as bike control is already second nature. But these ‘crash’ courses are run to an extremely tight schedule and leave little time for candidates that are struggling with the itinerary.

So if you’re a total newcomer, you may want to consider learning to ride a motorcycle over several weeks rather than doing it all in one big hit, especially if you’re lacking the necessary confidence. And bear in mind there’s always the 33bhp route.

What is the course going to cost?

  • CBT - £80 - £150 including bike hire
  • Three-Day A1 licence £300-400 including CBT, test fees and bike hire
  • Five-Day A1 licence £400-500 including CBT, test fees and bike hire
  • Three–Day Direct Access course - £400-500 including CBT, test fees and bike hire
  • Five–Day Direct Access course - £500-600 including test fees and bike hire

Top tips for choosing the right course

  1. Go to a reputable training school
  2. Pick a course that suits your needs
  3. Don’t overestimate your abilities
  4. Consider taking the 33bhp route

Part 3: CBT | Part 5: Choosing a training school

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