20 Questions: Steve Plater

TT virgin, BSB star and Bol d'Or pole-sitter talks about 199mph at the NW200 and what he'd do with the last litre of petrol

TT virgin, racer and a very busy man

1. If you were a bike, what would you be?

A 750cc two-stroke, something wild and loose

2. Describe yourself in one word.


3. What's the most embarrassing bike you lusted over in your youth?

I lusted after proper bikes, I rode a 30mph restricted X1 50cc Suzuki. My mates had fast AP50s, I was the muppet left behind

4. What were you riding when you first topped 100mph?

A Yamaha 125LC - it had a lot of work done, it only just made it

5. What should the speed limit be on a clear and empty motorway?

No limit

6. What's the fastest you've ever ridden on a public road?

199mph - but the road was closed (it was the NW200). Before that, 176mph, indicated, on my GSX-R1100L (there was a following wind)

7. What's your favourite road?

The Horncastle to Humberside Airport road, through Caistor. That's my TT; I'll take on anyone on that.

8. What's the most you would spend on a bike?

Whatever I could afford, if I wanted it I'd find the money

9. Who do you admire in the biking world?

My friend. He only has one arm, but he dirt bikes, snowboards, the lot.

10. What would you do with your last gallon of fuel?

Sell it for a profit - if it was that scarce I'd get good money!

11. What bikes would you own if money were no object?

A 500GP bike of some sort, a 990 MotoGP bike and an RC30

12. What's the maddest thing you've done on a bike?

Probably Macau - maybe not mad, but the most dangerous

13. Have you ever had to spend the night in jail?

Yes - not telling you what for!

14. What's on the horizon in your field of work?

The busiest year of my career. BSB, NW200, TT, full World Endurance Championship and the Dakar Rally at the year end - that's for Save the Children by the way

15. What are you reading at the moment?

Men's Health. I don't have time for books, apart from when I'm on holiday

16. What's your proudest achievement?

Probably setting pole time and the lap record at the Bol d'Or in '99. Against all the top guys in the day - and it'll last forever as they don't use that track anymore

17. Are you a biker as well as a racer?

Yes, I ride a Fazer 1000 on the road

18. If you could switch careers what would you do?

I used to be a brickie, but never again. A pilot maybe

19. Are you paid enough?

Not for the risks involved, I'm not

20. How do you think others see you?

As a person - easy going. As a racer - aggressive, a loose cannon