ToroTrail: A bikers sanctuary

Four days in the Spanish mountains with ToroTrail

All my previous off-road experiences have made me feel like I’m being nurtured for the Paris-Dakar, so I had no reason to expect anything less from ToroTrail.

I could go on about how ToroTrail’s Yamaha WR250’s worked brilliantly, how the scenery, the terrain and the weather have what’s needed to test any level of off-road rider. I could go on about how the kit they supply is top notch stuff and how good it felt to be ripping through rock clad mountain passes, but althought that's true I think i'd be missing the point.

ToroTrail based near Malaga Spain, It was set up by ex city-boy and all round great guy Lyndon Foster. The experience is based out of a plush million-pound villa surrounded by mountains with far reaching views across the country. He has a fleet of 16 bikes and his customers range from life’s adventurers to stag-do’s. If you’re experienced and want to do some hardcore riding then Lyndon will organize that for you or if you just want to rag around and pull some skids then you can do that too. Since the majority of the group I was with were on a stag do we didn’t want to be broken for the evenings entertainment. We opted for scenery, light challenges and the fun stuff.  A typical long weekend away with two days riding cost around £400, That includes everything you need but you will need to organize your flights.

The riding was fantastic but that’s not what makes ToroTrail stand out from the rest. As we were walking through raving ALhurin on our final night out, after a great dinner and a few beers it dawned on me that 48 hours ago I didn’t know any of these guys names but here, after a two days of nearly riding off the edge of a cliff, getting up to our necks in water and surviving some of the biggest air I’ve seen since Evel Kneival we were like a group of 18-year olds without a care in the world.

The ToroTrail experience isn’t about shaping you up to be the next Paris-Dakar rider. It’s about getting back to the reasons I got into biking in the first place, mucking around learning new things and having a great time with mates.

You can find out more from ToroTrail here but for now, these were some of my highlights:

Relaxing in the villa pool, sun on my shoulders with a beer after a challenging days riding.

Feeling the vibe around us in the local town when Spain won the Euro's.

Surviving some massive hill climbs and rocky mountain edge descents.

Sharing the whole experience with 10 like minded lads and having a laugh.

Rocking up at the airport and being looked after from that moment until going home again.

Chatting life stories over decent food and beer.