Ridden: Mick Extance Off Road Track Day

Too old for motocross? Never!

The Mick Extance Kawasaki Experience is all about doing different things on dirt bikes. Their most popular experiences are the enduro riding days where you ride 250cc enduro bikes on beautiful trails in Wales.

Their least popular experience is the Motocross “track day” and Adam Extance, Micks son and Motocross champion, says it’s because most people think they're too old for motocross! As Adam pulls a huge jump whilst on a demo lap, the bloke standing next to me shouts “he can bloody keep that, I’ve got a mortgage to pay”.

I didn't find this ‘off-road track day’ to be about pulling massive jumps risking life and limb to go as fast as possible. I wanted to concentrate on my confidence with the front end and where better to do that than on a sandy twisty motocross track. For me it wasn't about going fast, it was about learning to do one thing better so that I could enjoy riding dirt bikes more in the future. There are so many different skills used riding off-road that the better you become at each, the more fun you’ll have.

With other motocross experience days on the market, what makes the Mick Extance experience different? Mick and Adam were born to ride off-road and they have an inbuilt devotion for coaching others to ride better. I was followed, pushed and cheered on all day. When the time came for the last lap I was sitting forward, pushing the front into the corners, flicking the clutch and powering through the bends and I put that down to the first class tuition I got from the guys.

Are you too old for motocross? I thought I was, but now I’m 100% more confident riding the trails at home than I was before... and I’m looking forward to showing my mates the new sliding skills!

The day costs £130 and for that you get a selection of bikes to ride, fuel, kit, lunch and water. You don’t need a licence so the whole family can ride and all sexes, ages, sizes and experience levels are catered for.

You can see more from them here and check out an on-board lap with Adam Extance from the day here in our Drift Ghost HD camera test.