Freddie Spencer's '85 Honda NSR500 GP bike gallery

Honda's legendary GP500 won 8 out of 12 rounds of the World Championship, ridden by fast Freddie Spencer

1985 Honda NSR500 ... click pic to see gallery

GP machines don't get much sexier than this Honda NSR500 from 1985.

Winner of 8 out of 12 rounds in the 1985 500cc World Championship, the Honda NSR500 won both the Manufacturers' and Riders' Championships.

Ridden by Freddie Spencer, the engine was a liquid-cooled 2-stroke 90-degree V4, the animal of the GP500 world. It weighed in at just over 115kg and produced around 140bhp at the rear wheel. Most riders who thought they could tame it were wrong but Spencer was one of few that could.