FJR road test: but does it float?

Some might say the FJR1300's a boat, but this is a step too far

BIG bike. Wide panniers. Narrow path. Pier. Bollards. Bang! 

A moment's lapse saw French bike journalist Laurent 'Lolo' Cochet, from Moto Journal magazine, and his test FJR1300 take a long ride off a short pier, while filming in St-Martin-en-Re. Being good (s)ports, Moto Journal promptly put the video up on Youtube.

Apparently completely forgetting he has panniers on his bike, Lolo bangs against a bollard and tumbles off the pier, acrobatically plunging into a boat while his FJR crunches nose-first into the concrete. Luckily, he was not badly hurt. 

Watch and remember, folks.... there's p-i-e-r and p-a-i-n in the word 'pannier'...