Five great 125s for under £2000

Popular 125s that will satisfy your two-wheel needs on a budget

Yamaha YBR125

The Yamaha YBR125 has become the go-to bike for learner riders, its low power and weight mean it’s well suited to developing bike control, as it is easy to flick around and the power delivery is forgiving.

Cheap transport sums up the YBR125, they’re practically crash-resistant and replacement parts are kind to the bank balance, and for fuel consumption, the 125cc four-stroke single is very frugal getting around 100mpg.

As they are a great starting point, they are often used to build confidence before riders progress to something bigger. For this reason it is possible to get a relatively new model for under our set budget and with a low mileage, the above is a 2008 model YBR that was advertised for £1,495 with 2,600 miles and only one owner, saving £1000 on a new model.

Engine: 124cc, air-cooled, single cylinder four-stroke

Suzuki RV125 Van Van

Nearly identical to the beachcombing two-stroke from the 1970s, the Suzuki Van Van was brought into the 21st century with a 12bhp four-stroke air-cooled engine but kept a vintage vibe with retro styling and chunky tyres.

The RV125 looks like a full-grown toy bike and its low 770mm seat height makes it perfect for shorter riders and its low overall weight is very easy to manage.

The bike will bring a hint of California cool to your commute and this example has a low mileage of 4,100 miles and is being advertised for £1,895.

Engine: 124cc, air-cooled, single cylinder two-stroke

Honda Varadero 125

The baby Varadero is a solid commuter with adventure looks, alongside Honda’s renowned build quality the bike is comfortable and has a reassuring road presence.

As it is the one with the big bike looks, the Varadero is ideal for lanky riders, it’s only a 125 but its proportions make it look like it has a capacity closer to the bigger brother Varadero XL1000.

Most Varaderos tend to have a higher mileage than other 125s on the secondhand market, this 2005 model proves that they can be found as it came with a really low 5,663 miles for bob-on £2,000

Engine: 124cc, air-cooled, v-twin four-stroke

Aprilia RS125

What sets the Aprllia RS125 apart from this group is its two-stroke motor. It’s also the best bike to satisfy any fast riding needs, making it perfect for wannabe racers and motorcycle newcomers to misbehave on.

The Aprilia RS125 has GP-looks combined with a lightweight and compact chassis for superb handling, it also has top-notch brakes and a powerful and raspy two-stroke motor. As it is a two-stroke, its very nature is very delicate and there is a reputation that RS125s can be unreliable, making them expensive to run. You should be safe as long as you care for it with high-quality oil and regular services.

When looking for an RS125 it can be difficult to find a truly clean specimen, so always be aware of their history. It is possible to find a good example as we spotted this 2005 model with 8,631 miles and only one owner for £1,800.

Engine: 124cc, liquid-cooled, single cylinder two-stroke

Honda CG125

Dependable, reliable and sturdy are all perfect words to describe the bulletproof CG125 and whilst Honda may have discontinued it, this budget commuter will always be plugging on.

While the CG is more likely to offer pizzas rather than pizzazz, it’s not likely to bring an adrenaline-sparked grin to your face, but what it will do and has been doing since 1975 is get you around, start every morning and be the ideal commuter.

The CG125 is cheap, but this is one of its strong selling points as the long-standing and assured history means there are wealth of spares at an affordable price and it is easy to service thanks to its basic fundamentals.

They vary in price; from haggard but still working CGs for a few hundred to this 2007 model that looks like a clean runner with only 900 miles on the clock for £1,695.

Engine: 124cc, air-cooled, single cylinder four-stroke

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