2011 ZX-10R stock dyno run

The 10R and I head to PDQ in Bekrshire to bust some shapes on the dyno graph

With 800 miles on the clock and the first service out of the way, I took the ZX-10R to PDQ in Taplow to run it up on the dyno. On the road it feels really fit, quite revvy, plenty torquey enough. Over 8,000rpm it really gets into its stride and takes off. Feel is one thing, the dyno tells another story.

In 'full-power' mode mine made a peak power figure of 173bhp and 73lbft of torque. I've got the graphs to post and will write a comparison to a stock S1000RR and Fireblade which were run up on the same dyno.

Check back Tuesday 14th June for that, meanwhile enjoy the sound of a ZX-10R being pinned...

If you want to get your bike on the dyno, give PDQ a call on 01753 730043 or check out PDQ on Facebook. What Nick doesn't know about power curves isn't worth knowing..

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