We're back! The Visordown and Sorrymate Q&A returns

We’re back! Once again Visordown has teamed up with Sorrymate to answer all your burning legal questions.

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WE’RE back with another live stream with SorryMate founder Fergus Dalgarno, on the 27th of July at 7 pm. This time we'll be going live on Instagram, and we want your legal questions and queries. 


Sorrymate is the specialist motorcycle law firm set up by bikers for bikers. They are specialists in an already niche field and concentrate on the kind of cases that would baffle your average solicitor. They don’t just care about you, they care about your bike. We’ve all had that moment where we’ve come off and our first thought is “My bike!”.

Do you want to know if you have a case? Were you riding as a pillion and got into an accident? Do you wonder if you could contest an insurer’s decision? Did you take a spill because of a pothole, oil or fuel on the road?

During our last Q&A, we discovered that you can claim for an accident if you have no tax, no MOT and no insurance. [Ed note: once again, do not ride without these things.] That farmers are liable for loose animals and potentially mud on the road. And if you’re not always at fault if you rear-end someone.

You can read the full list of questions and answer from our last Q&A. But each situation is different, so get in touch. DM us on Facebook and Instagram, or email Sam directly at If you're feeling brave you can ask us live… RSVP to the event to keep updated.