Racing technology for the road from SHARK Helmets 

A Shark Race R-Pro GP 06

Seen on the likes of MotoGP stars Zarco and Oliveira and BSB favourites Kyle Ryde and Max Cook, SHARK is well known for its premium racing spec helmets. What many may not know is that the racing knowledge and experience acquired racing at the top of the sport, filters down to the rest of the range, meaning that all SHARK wearers benefit.

Having always had the ethos to push the technical boundaries since being founded in 1989, SHARK continues to create innovative helmets with top specifications while surpassing safety standards and requirements. They design and produce the highest quality helmets in style, safety, comfort and fit. Right from the top-end RACE R PRO GP all the way through to the entry-level Ridill 2, there is a SHARK helmet for everyone.

The top-of-the-line RACE R PRO GP 06 is a clear indication of SHARK’s dedication and boasts over 70 world championship titles - and counting - to its name. However, each helmet in the range has a touch of the RACE R PRO GP in its essence.

Hello ECE 22.06

2023 saw SHARK introduce seven new ECE 22.06 approved helmets including the updated RACE R PRO GP 06 which can be purchased from £999.99 in a choice of glossy red or matte black and two Zarco replicas. 

With a shell made from reinforced Carbon on View and Aramid (COVA), the GP 06 offers resistance to both abrasion and compression as well as anti-delamination performance. The multi-density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has also been optimised for improved shock absorption in the event of an accident. 

Other ECE 22.06-approved SHARK helmets include the new and innovative Skwal i3 with active braking lights, and the D-Skwal 3 – the same aggressive style as the Skwal i3 just without the lights - the entry-level Ridill 2 and additions to the well-known Spartan range with the Spartan GT PRO, Spartan RS and Spartan RS Carbon. 


The iconic spoiler, known to many as the ‘SHARK fin’, has been developed for superior aerodynamics and stability. To create this masterpiece, SHARK tested the RACE R PRO GP using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and worked in conjunction with top racers for direct feedback. 

The entire SHARK range is developed using this innovative tech to minimise drag, buffeting and external noise caused by mid to high speeds. 

Championship-winning vision 

The RACE R PRO GP 06 has an Optical Class 1 visor with variable thickness to avoid visual distortion meaning taking corners and line of sight is as clear as it can be. This level of championship-winning clarity is also brought down to nearly three-quarters of SHARK’s helmets including the Spartan GT Pro, Spartan RS, Skwal i3, D-Skwal 3 and Ridill 2. 

The GP 06, offers a four-point visor locking system for added safety and allows for additional ventilation when needed. This system is also available on the Spartan GT Pro and Spartan RS. 

Over 80 per cent of SHARK’s helmets feature an anti-fog and anti-scratch sun visor built into the helmet - ideal for the British weather. It also means if you are planning on riding from morning to evening, there is no more pondering about what visor to use as SHARK has you covered. SHARK offers nine different visors across their range depending on where the mood takes you - yellow, blue, gold, chrome, dark smoke, blue chrome, light tinted 50 per cent, intermediate 30 per cent and intermediate tinted 22 per cent.

Interior comforts


The RACE R PRO GP features a removable and washable interior lining - as do all SHARK helmets - and benefits from new technology used to cut out ‘3D morpho’ cheek contours for maximum comfort, which can also be found on the Spartan GT Pro. The helmet contains shape memory ear pads and a dual-use anti-fog breath guard to direct the airflow. 

The GP 06 lining is made from ALVEOTECH, a fabric material with a Sanitized® label to prevent the breeding of bacteria whilst simultaneously keeping your helmet smelling fresher for longer. This innovative lining can also be found on the Spartan GT Pro, Spartan GT, Spartan RS and Spartan RS Carbon. 

SHARK also has their Easy Fit Glasses design allowing you to comfortably wear your glasses whilst riding. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to blissful rides. Even better, this Easy Fit functionality is available on all of SHARK’s helmets, so whichever one you choose you can be sure to be comfortable all day long.

Personal fit 

While SHARK-sponsored may have the support of the race truck on a weekend, when purchasing from an authorised UK SHARK dealer, you too can benefit from SHARK’s experience when it comes to finding the right helmet size, with options for different thickness cheek pads if needed. 

So, whichever SHARK Helmet you choose, you can be sure that you’re benefiting from over 30 years of experience in kitting out top MotoGP riders as well as millions of riders worldwide. 

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