Five mistakes for newbie track riders to avoid

Get a head-start on track with our five tips

Five mistakes for newbie track riders to avoid

By Alan Dowds

GETTING on track is great for your riding, whatever level you’re at. The freedom to explore the performance of your bike at high speed, in relative safety, means you’ll be better prepared for road riding, and will also give you a chance to improve your braking and cornering skills.

But there are some mistakes that new track riders make which can be avoided. Best plan is to get some proper instruction at the track – most track day organisers offer basic help for a small fee. But here’s a few things to think about before heading to the circuit for your first few times.

1. Going too fast

Okay, there’s no speed limits, and you want to make the most of all that power. But the laws of physics still apply here… Build up the pace slowly and carefully, sticking to a speed you’d be happy with on the roads to start with. Don’t be tempted to see another rider going faster and simply follow them. Getting a drag off a slightly quicker rider can help build your pace, but if you tag onto the wrong person (a racer who’s instructing in the slow group, say), you can get into trouble…



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