Five reasons why no one likes your bike

Pub banter or a genuine dislike, here are the top five reasons your mates don’t like your wheels

Five reasons why no one likes your bike
  1. It’s better than their bike

Yep, you got it. If your riding buddy is constantly putting down your bike, it’s probably not because they don’t like it. It’s probably because it’s better than theirs and they simply don’t have any other way of putting it down!

It’s kind of like the school playground thing, you were never nice to the girl or guy you fancied, were you? No, you used to throw stinging nettles at them or put worms in their lunchbox.

Or was that just me…?

  1. Somebody bought the wrong bike

Picture the scene: You and your mate spend hours talking about long days hammering out big miles through the untouched wilderness. Wild camping, self-sufficient living, with everything you need safely stored in some silver panniers, atop your soon to be delivered R1200GS.

Then, imagine you ‘pal’ whizzing around the corner at the end of your road, sparky knee sliders and Power Ranger leathers in full effect, sat on top of the latest fancy-pants superbike.

Five reasons why no one likes your bike