We Hunt Down Stolen Bikes in Our Spare Time

Two friends from Bristol are doing their part to help victims of the bike crime epidemic.

We Hunt Down Stolen Bikes in Our Spare Time

Martin and Dom (not real names) have had enough of bikers being victimised by criminals, deciding to take to the streets and recover stolen motorcycles in their spare time.

The pair took action as between 2015 and 2016 they witnessed an 80% increase in motorcycle and moped theft in the Avon and Summerset area. Because of this shocking stat and Martin and Dom's passion for motorbikes, it has led them to actively search for stolen bikes, recover them, and reunite them with their rightful owners - all free of charge. Top lads!

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The two lads stress that they’re not vigilantes and aren't looking for vengeance… all they want are the stolen bikes. And, eventually with a bit of government funding to start a motorcycle youth project in the area, to stop youngsters stealing bikes in the first place.