WATCH: Something for the fans of classic AMA

This recreation of a classic Honda CB900 is about as good as it gets!

Brent Hyde CB750F

THE WHOLE AMA thing sadly passed me by, born in ‘82 and only getting into bikes in the mid-nineties, the whole Lawson, Spencer, Cooley and Rainey thing was a bit too early for me.

Until I came across a group on Facebook called CB750F AMA SUPERBIKE 1980/81/82 and saw some of the recreations of the classic bikes that people have built and posted on the page.

And now I think I have found my favourite yet!

Shared by a chap called Brent Hyde, the bike’s a bored out CB750 (now 1187cc) with a dry-sump conversion, gear driven cams, ported and polished heads, forged pistons and much, much more!

It’s not just the mechanicals that look great, the fit, finish and detailing is perfect, right down the period decals on the sweet looking fuel tank.

Speaking about the engine on Facebook Brent said, “Primary Gear Drive fitted and running successfully. Note the sound, no mistaking this because it has the unmistakable "Gear Whine" If anyone is interested, the shift lights are coming on at 11300 RPM and the sweep markings are finishing at 11600 RPM in this setting.”

He goes onto explain why the bike is no longer in its original 750cc trim, he said, “Engine/ bike (sort of) started as a 750 [cc] but the real reason it is presented as a 750 is that we used to run a "Black" 750 back in the production racing days. We had such success with it and a great time that we built this one in the same color scheme.”