WATCH: Guy take as a Ninja 300 on a motocross track

How good it actually is might just surprise you!

WATCH: Guy take as a Ninja 300 on a motocross track

THINK DIRT BIKES and you automatically think CRF, YZ, EXC and about a million other two-letter acronyms that nobody actually understands! The word Ninja, Kawasaki, and 400cc sportsbike are normally quite a long way from your thoughts.

Well apparently, that’s not going to put this guy off, as he takes what looks to be a stock Ninja 400 onto a rutted and pretty hardcore MX track during a practice session.

We only see the bike for a few seconds before he sets off but it’s clearly not on knobbly off-road tyres, it still has all its fairings fitted and even the standard clip-on handlebars. The rider even goes as far as admitting that he may “only thinking I’m gonna get about two laps in, because, this isn’t a dirt bike and I don’t know if they’re (the team at the track) allow it!”

What is clear from the footage is that either the baby Ninja is a much more competent off-road machine than even Kawasaki know or, and probably more realistically, this guy is a bit of a hero when it comes to riding on the dirt!

Eventually though, the rider is pulled off the track by the owner for fears another, less experienced, rider might crash into the green machine.

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