WATCH: Man skydives from scooter in stratosphere

You have to see it to believe it!

WE DON'T USUALLY cover skydiving here at Visordown, but this isn't just any old skydive. 

No, this is a complete nutter jumping off a Vespa suspended in the stratosphere.

We're not quite sure why, but stuntman Guenter Schachermayr decided that a Vespa, suspended below a hot air balloon hovering at 23,000ft, would be a great place to jump from. 

Equipped with oxygen, warm clothes and of course a parachute, he rises to the stratosphere on the two-wheeler, before taking the plunge. 

It's not the first time the scooter enthusiast has jumped with a Vespa however. Back in May 2018, he jumped out a plane with one! 

In fact, his whole YouTube channel revolves around Vespas...