Biker catches cop on phone at the wheel, gets threatened with a ticket

Who's in the wrong here?

SPOTTING drivers on their phone at the wheel is a fairly regular occurrence for most bikers.

And more than often, a gentle honk of the horn is all that’s required to bring them back to reality.

But one biker in Denver, Colorado, got more than he bargained for when the distracted driver turned out to be a cop.

After the rider tooted at the stationary vehicle because the intersection ahead was clear, the angry police officer climbed out from the vehicle and immediately launched into a tirade of abuse, accusing the biker of road rage and threatening to ticket him.

All the biker could do was attempt to defend himself and offer his apologies as the crazy cop says he’s about to call the judge and issue the rider a court summons.

The argument goes on for more than five minutes, blocking traffic and causing further congestion.  

Viewers of the video have responded angrily, calling the policeman ‘stupid’ and slamming his disgusting behaviour.