WATCH This Yamaha play Happy Birthday with its engine!

A tuner has managed to make a Yamaha play the tune of Happy Birthday by revving the engine and using the quickshifter!

Yamaha R1 M

WITH Yamaha Motor Co. about to celebrate its 65th birthday on July 1st, one Yamaha motorcycle tuner has gone above and beyond to show his appreciation to the brand.

For some a cake, a birthday card and a couple of bottles of something bice to drink will suffice, although for one of Japan’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers, something a little more special was needed!

Instead, a Taiwanese tuner has managed to make the firm’s flagship sports bike sing the tune to Happy Birthday! And can I add it’s actually more in tune than I’ll ever be!

The team behind the singalong is aRacer SpeedTek, who specialises in aftermarket ECUs, bi-directional quick shifters, and sensors used by fast road riders and racers. To make the bike ‘sing’ the tune, the boffins at SpeedTek have dialled in the exact amount of revs needed for the engine to hit every note of the song bang on key.

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There is more electronic wizardry at work here though, for notes that have a staccato ending to them, the bike’s quickshifter is used to gap the ending of the last note with the start of the next! Clever stuff I think you’ll agree!

It makes a nice change from seeing videos of bellends revving the nuts out of their bikes at gatherings and bike shows. I never did really understand the enjoyment people get from going nowhere and bouncing a bike of the rev-limiter until the end-can catches fire.

be sure to keep an eye on the official Yamaha social channels as we inch closer to the 1st of July for some official celebrations from the Blu Cru