WATCH: Crazy bike with springs for tyres

YouTube channel NTN Vlogs do away with conventional hoops in favour of a more metallic option

WATCH: Crazy bike with springs for tyres

TYRES made of rubber have been around for more then a century, so you’d be forgiven for thinking; if it isn’t broke – don’t fix it, right?

Wrong! Apparently, YouTuber Nguyen Thanh Nam thinks there is a better way – or he just has far too much time on his hands. Or maybe both.

In this clip posted earlier this week he takes a perfectly good Honda big-wheel scoot and replaces the front wheel’s rubber with 16, three-inch springs. After removing the bikes stock rubber, he welds a steels belt around the rim of the wheel, going on to spot weld the springs onto the belt with a cylinder mounted in the centre to keep things ‘safe’.

Thankfully the modification doesn’t end up with Nam sliding down the road and the change actually seems to leave the bike as a fairly ridable machine – although we wouldn’t fancy tipping that into Paddock Hill Bend!