The ultimate hard enduro machine is… a Suzuki Hayabusa

Hard enduro is one of the toughest disciplines in motorcycling, as suggested by its name, so it makes sense to use… a Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa in Moab. - Matt Spears/YouTube

The Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the most iconic bikes of all time, famed for its huge displacement, similarly huge power, distinctive aesthetics, and, of course, its *check notes* off-roading potential.

Okay, maybe the last point isn’t entirely true, but that is precisely what has made the bike appeal to the motorcycling YouTuber Matt Spears.

Spears has previously taken a Honda Gold Wing for an enduro ride, and then a hillclimb; and with his Hayabusa he has made two videos already. In the first, he took it, in bone stock form, for a ride along some trails, which proved terminal on that occasion for the ‘Busa lost its oil drain plug and thus spilled its load almost instantly. The second video saw Spears modify the Hayabusa for off-road riding, adding a crash structure and knobby tyres, among other things, ready for a blast up a muddy hill.

Now, Spears has taken his Suzuki Hayabusa across some even more extreme terrain, across the rocky and arid landscape of the Utahan Moab desert, and specifically the infamous Hell’s Gate trail that has attracted off-roading adventurers of two and four wheels alike over the years.

This video sees Spears take on some fearsome terrain, including huge rocks and near-vertical climbs, and all with 200bhp in his right hand.

There were some consequences to Spears’ choice of machinery - naturally - with a few falls coming along the way, and one with particularly significant consequences for the bike itself, all of which you can check out in the full video, that you can find above.